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BlogHer reaction for Sunday

The Sunday sessions at BlogHer rocked!  This was were all "unconference" style via Open Space Technology.  (Why they use "technology" is beyond me.  Maybe it makes people think it's fancy.)  One of the beauties of Open Space is that I can participate in any conversation - or create my own - that I want to learn about.  In every case it seemed like the hour was loaded with about two hours of content.  I wonder if the BlogHer events of the future will incorporate more of this into the entire conference?

I'm not going to list all the people I talked to this time.  Just too many great BlogHers.  But... I did discover that one of the BlogHer organizers, Jory, grew up in Evanston (and Skokie) where I live. 

And Sheila will be thrilled to know that I know (used to) own and have set up with the beta of MovableType 4.  Now to figure out what to make of it.  The inspiration was from Sheila when she introduced herself as, "I'm Sheila, and, and coffee ... needed."  because she was too zonked to come up with a pithy intro.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  [Update: no longer my domain]

The organizers encouraged everyone to post to the unconference wiki, where you can also find the full list of 33 topics -- though I know some of them dried up in practice.  I attended three sessions: Does your readership change what you say (transparency); Kiss of Death to online communities; and My blog as my front porch.

p.s. To the people from Seattle who were talking about kids' music, I mentioned that I was going to see Ralph's World that afternoon.  And we have really enjoyed Wee Hairy Beasties and Wiggleworms.  All three are available at iTunes.

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