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The Facebook productivity suite

Time out (please?) from Brett Miller and a conversation (in Facebook) has me reflecting on Lifehacker's Get productive with the best Facebook Apps.  Brett pleads:

What I really wanted to say (shout, really) was, “Please make it stop!” I am referring, of course, to the (seemingly) never-ending supply of new tools and applications that allow me to create, connect, comment, collaborate, etc etc.

The best Facebook productivity app I have found thus far is my bicycle.  Or the back porch and a Moleskin.

Facebook and other social networking sites have taught me some interesting things about people in my network.  And I've been able to make connections with people I might never have discovered without these services.  But they have also sucked up lots and lots of my time and energy when I could be doing other things.  The fact that I haven't been doing those other things is (possible) proof that I am finding some kind of value in them.

Productivity?  Shut down Facebook, and set off to work.  Connections and entertainment?  Fire up Facebook, and have at it.  If your work is both, then you are having a blast (Scoble!).

Yeah, that will work

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