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20 USB Gizmos you don't want

CIO Magazine generally gives you useful technology and management news.  But sometimes, there are articles like this 20 USB Gizmos That Have No Place in the Enterprise (But You'll Love Just the Same):

But then there are the USB gizmos that provide little or no business value. These items, such as USB lava lamps, fans and other amusing desktop paraphernalia, lighten up employees' days and can shape comfortable, personalized office environments. And there are the wacky USB gadgets more suited for use in fraternity houses or toy stores than in office buildings.

As I looked through the list of items, I couldn't help but think that the "inventors" of these gizmos are creating the same junk that we've had in battery powered tchotchkes for years.  USB gives you a power source, and the bored desk jockey gives you a customer.  Of course, some of them even interact with the computer, so there is some sophistication beyond a trickle of electricity.

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