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A knowledge sharing policy?

Patrick Lambe asks What Would a Knowledge Sharing Policy Look Like?  And he has a sample policy (Word) based on discussions with clients and ActKM.  [And he gives me credit, along with several other KM thinkers.]

Much of the current literature on knowledge sharing is either very high level general encouragement of sharing or mainly focused on the constraints to be placed on knowledge sharing between agencies ie the things that may not be shared for information security purposes.

It's so strange to see a knowledge management document written up this way, but I suppose companies like to have certain structure.  And procedures and policies are rife throughout business.  The policy contains the general idea behind the policy, some detailed principles, responsibilities (KM committees, KM function, training, managers, staff), and guidelines for staff and departments.  The policy statement sets up everything else:

All staff have a responsibility to share the knowledge and information at their disposal, consistent with information security, confidentiality and privacy guidelines, wherever there is an opportunity to enhance or support the organization's effectiveness and performance goals by doing so.

I'm not sure where it would fit into this policy, but what about aspects of creating a trusting environment?  It's embedded throughout, but doesn't appear to be called out directly.  This probably has to do with the nature of creating a policy.

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