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KPIs in KM

Another recent document from Patrick Lambe provides guidance on How To Use KPIs in Knowledge Management.  He lists hundreds of KPI's (key performance indicators) that can be used within knowledge management efforts.  I like that he includes human-centric measures as well as technology-centric measures.  I also like his admonishments in the introduction here: use only a few KPI's (they are supposed to be "key") and don't forget to do the work. 

The paper is in three sections: the first sets out some guidelines for how to use KPIs smartly. The second section gives ideas for sample sets of KPIs covering KM activities and tools as diverse as communities of practice, KM roles, and use of wikis and blogs. The third section is a template for drawing up your own sets of KPIs. The document is in Word format so you can cut and paste whatever takes your fancy (please acknowledge your source). A last word of caution: if you take the whole set of KPIs in this document, you’re taking too many! Leave some time and effort to actually do the work you’re trying to monitor.

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