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Web2.0 as opposed to Enterprise2.0

Ben Gardner gives us the differentiation factors between Web2.0 and Enterprise2.0.  I found this very useful, as I have frequently scratched my head over the whole concept of "open" Web2.0 technologies inside (typically) closed organizations.

While both Web2.0 and Enterprise2.0 use the same tool sets the environments in which they are implemented are very different. As a consequence you need to recognise that Web2.0 and Enterprise2.0 are very different beasts. The main differences can be summarised as:

Web2.0 vs Enterprise2.0 [excerpt]
  • User: Millions vs Hundreds
  • Mind set: Fun vs Work
  • Organisational structure: Flat vs Hierarchical
  • Attitude: Sharing vs Hoarding
  • Skill set: Digitally savvy vs Digitally averse
  • Visibility: Anonymity vs Recognition
  • Society: Public vs Private
  • Cultural: Innovative vs Mundane

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