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InnovationWell in Philadelphia, 15-16 October

Barry Hardy is thinking about Productivity Gains enabled by ICT and KM Support Systems because he's organizing another InnovationWell event in Philadelphia on 15-16 October.  I'm still giving it some strong consideration.  I particularly like the Knowledge Cafe take on the event.

Next month at Bryn Mawr (15-16 October) we return to the topic of KM in R&D by taking a look at existing ICT solutions supporting R&D activities including the increasing deployment of Collaborative electronic Research & Development (CeR&D) and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) systems.  We will additionally explore the emerging roles and impact of approaches emerging from semantic web research, social software, web services and utility computing and Web 2.0/3.0 that are complimentary with structured IT systems to enable increased productivity and innovation success within the context of the ever increasing importance of collaboration within and between organisations working in increasingly networked global research initiatives and projects.  Cross-disciplinary thinking from fields such as organisational development and culture, cognitive science and innovation management will I maintain play key influencing roles on future integrating architectures supporting knowledge management, transfer and sharing to enable the hoped-for productivity gains of executives.

The workshop at Bryn Mawr will have a strong emphasis on peer-to-peer discussions with each workshop session involving a facilitated Knowledge Cafe© discussion. On Monday evening we will have a Knowledge Dinner with good food and conversation menus at the Alumni House, whereas on Tuesday evening we will have a poster session, drinks reception and buffet dinner in Thomas Great Hall.

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Web2.0 as opposed to Enterprise2.0