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Surveys on innovation / idea management

Two surveys came across my eyes in recent days that feel like they are related.  Both look at management of bright ideas.  Please take the surveys if you fit the profiles.  And if not, the survey authors are asking that they be forwarded to people who do fit the profile.

Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon is looking for help with his survey on Idea Management systems experience.  It's three to five pages with a mix of multi-choice questions and free-text questions:

Has your organisation implemented an Idea Management System, or do you have an innovation initiative?

Idea Management Systems weblog sponsor Cognitive Transitions is conducting research into experiences with Idea Management Systems. Take the Cognitive Transitions Idea Management Survey to share your experiences and learnings.

Chuck Frey and Hitendra Patel are specifically looking for help from Innovation managers: Please share your opinions with us on a two-question survey (both free-text answers).

I have teamed up with Hitendra Patel of the Monitor Group to launch an online community for Chief Innovation Officers and innovation managers. We plan to convene a roundtable of innovation experts for interviews about key innovation issues. We will compile the answers from these experts and make them available as a newsletter and also post them on this website.

Could you please take a moment to tell us about the most challenging issues you face in your job as a manager of innovation in your organization, and the key questions to which you would like answers?

Please click here to answer two questions - this survey is very brief; you should be able to fill it out in only a few minutes.

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