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Global MAKE 2007

Teleos and the KNOW Network have announced the winners for their Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises study.  I may be imagining it, but the list has shifted heavily to include a large number of IT-centric companies in the top 20.  When I started following this study, it seemed there were more non-tech businesses.  But maybe that's my imagination. 

Here are the top 20 in alphabetical order.

  • Accenture (Global)
  • Apple (United States)
  • BP (United Kingdom)
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (United Kingdom)
  • Ernst & Young (Global)
  • Fluor (United States)
  • General Electric (United States)
  • Google (United States)
  • IBM (United States)
  • Infosys Technologies (India)
  • Intel (United States)
  • McKinsey & Company (Global)
  • Microsoft (United States)
  • Nokia (Finland)
  • Royal Dutch Shell (The Netherlands/United Kingdom)
  • Samsung Group (S. Korea)
  • 3M (United States)
  • Toyota (Japan)
  • Wikipedia (Global)
  • Wipro Technologies (India)

The report and other recent MAKE studies are available from The KNOW Network.

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