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This is collaboration?

The ARC Advisory Group have developed a concept they call Collaborative Manufacturing Management (CMM).  In my reading of it, the idea is that business systems need to be integrated with manufacturing systems, so that the manufacturing automation technologies work with business process tools and with supply chain tools.  This is application integration, not collaboration.

Their CMM Strategy Report from November 2002 gets close to talking about the fact that business processes are run by people, where you can get to some sense of collaboration.  But the focus of the discussion is all about integrating technologies.

Here is their definition of Collaborative Manufacturing Management:

CMM is the practice of optimizing manufacturing performance by controlling, in real-time, the key business and manufacturing processes of a manufacturing enterprise and synchronizing the enterprise with its value network. A holistic approach to manufacturing, CMM builds upon a collaborative infrastructure and leverages critical applications, production systems, and enterprise information to maximize the responsiveness, flexibility, and profitability of the manufacturing enterprise.


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