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Got $5000 to get smarter?

APQC is offering a series on Web 2.0 for KM that will include a number of phone calls and virtual site visits to discover how leading companies are using Web 2.0 in pursuit of knowledge management.  Costs range from $4000 for APQC members to $7500. 

Get Smarter! Learn How Royal Dutch Shell plc, MITRE, and IBM
Use Web 2.0 tools to Enhance KM Across Their Enterprise

Wikis, blogs, social networking, and other Web 2.0 tools are already being used to support KM at some of the leading organizations of our time.

Still struggling to understand what these tools offer? The "Web 2.0 for KM" practitioner series will reveal how leading organizations employ key technologies to realize the promise of KM by enhancing communication, collaboration, and participation.

This series offers organizations a streamlined primer on the processes leading KM practitioners use to incorporate Web 2.0 tools into their KM infrastructures.

What were they thinking?

Trust and communication in change