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Trust and communication in change

My friend Noreen Kelly has a case study in the January February 2008 Inside Knowledge, Trust and communication must be interwoven to realise successful change (full text only available to subscribers).

Seldom do case studies surface where lessons learned are from failures. In this report, a client is granted anonymity to allow the author freedom to write openly about what went right and what went wrong in an enterprise-wide content-management implementation project.

The case study is brief and contains a number of bullet lists that set up the problem and the lessons learned in the work.  The interesting aspect of this case is a discussion of social networks and their impact on change.

The central point of the case study is that any significant change can only happen when the people involved trust the process.  And that can only happen with effective communication.  The social network angle suggests that understanding the various network roles is key to creating an effective communication strategy.

Noreen is a communications expert and writes the Trust Matters blog on these topics.

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