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Interests collage

Friday fun on Saturday.

This is a random find from my friend Camille.  Give this thing a comma-separated list of interests (like in one of your millions of online profiles), and it generates a collage from photos found on Yahoo Photos.  This is one version of my interests.  I'm sure I added some things that don't matter as much as other things I forgot.

I wonder if anyone has done a mashup of "list of interesting topics" with a feed from Flickr or any other photo source....  Yahoo Pipes with an OPML listing of interests?  I just built a pipe that uses a Private String (an "or" separated list of interests) piped to the text field of a Flickr source.  Seems like there should be something a little more elegant and customizable.

My first visit to Boston KM Forum

Yours is bigger than mine, ha ha