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Multiple connections make the world smaller

Luis Suarez pointed to an article by Dennis Stevenson on his first blush with Twitter, The World is Smaller than You Think.  I think Dennis' observations are in line with why many people get so excited about social media.  Here are some of his thoughts:

    1. Social Media is not like a project plan.
    2. Social media is about being connected in the right places.
    3. I know as much as my network. [paraphrased]

My take is that it goes beyond well beyond any one mechanism for keeping in touch with colleagues or friends or interested parties.  It's the whole nature of being in contact with people.  We've gone from being able to know what's going on with our immediate contacts to seeing much further into the world of people who share some facet of interests we share.  Luis is in the Gran Canaria for goodness sakes!  But I know better what he's up to than the neighbor I never talk to.

There is another article on Twitter in business from Abbie Lundberg at CIO Magazine, The business value of Twitter.  (There are many of these out there.)

p.s. It's too bad Dennis Stevenson's blog doesn't offer a full-text feed.  Otherwise, I might add him to my reading list.

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