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The New Edge in KM

If you haven't decided on what you are doing at the beginning of May, you might want to consider the upcoming KM conference from APQC (their 13th annual) The New Edge in KM, in May 1-2 in Chicago.  Sadly, with my new job, I am going to be in Boston that week.

The conference promises an interesting list of speakers, and the focus sounds like it will be interesting.  The keynotes include Laurence Prusak and Stephen Denning, and the conference sessions include topics on KM and Web 2.0, Building KM into your Strategy, measuring KM, a couple sessions on communities of practice, knowledge transfer at Lockheed Martin, KM at the US Department of State, and more.  *sigh* too bad I can't go.

In case you're wondering, the cost is $1795 ($1495 for APQC members).

Making mental connections takes time

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