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I said that?

Stan Garfield asked a number of people their opinion on KM in the form of "If you were invited to give a keynote speech on knowledge management, what words of wisdom or lessons learned would you impart?"  I said something smart enough that he has blogged it this week on his Weekly KM Blog, Social Networking Tools at HP, Jack Vinson, Matt Moore in America, Prediction Markets, Building Enterprise Taxonomies.

Words of wisdom on KM:

  • It's not about the knowledge, it's about connecting people who have useful information to those who need it - whether you connect them face-to-face, or it is mediated via technology (and time).
  • It is very easy to get locked into one method of doing knowledge management. Be curious about options for KM. Test things out, ask your colleagues. Then make your decisions as they work in your environment.

Boy, I am good!

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