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Don't confuse technology with a solution

Just for fun, I am attempting to post while on the rail - Amtrak that is.

It's a familiar refrain, once you get into the business world far enough.  The business needs a solution, but the IT team delivers a technology that doesn't match.  Or reversing the blame, the business asks for a technology (and IT delivers), but that technology doesn't actually "solve" the problems the business confronts.

The June 2008 Communications of the ACM has a teaser of a longer article on the topic, Give Me Information Not Technology by Arik Ragowsky, Paul S. Licker and David Gefen.

Don't confuse technology with business solutions, focusing instead on what users value most - information.

Interesting what they are saying here.  I'll have to pay attention to their upcoming case study that suggests other differences between what IT does and what the business needs.

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