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KM program at Kent State

Thanks to a note at the KM Forum blog I see that there is a virtual open house at Kent State's information architecture and knowledge management (IAKM) program. 

Online Open House on Knowledge Management Online Options in IAKM

Online Open House
Online KM Masters Degree and Certificate Program
Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Beginning at 6:00pm

The presentation includes options for students to ask questions live. Any questions received during the presentation should be addressed at the end of the session.

The presentation has two segments:

Dr. Thomas J. Froehlich, Director of the Masters Program in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management, will provide an overview of the program and its online options in the area of Knowledge Management.

Dr. Denise Bedford will speak about her background, experience and expertise in knowledge management and will provide an overview of the two courses she will be teaching for the IAKM program in the fall, Foundational Principles of Knowledge Management and the Economics of Information.

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