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Weasels and Bloodmobiles

To prove that I haven't vanished into complete thin air, I provide two items of entertainment.  Oh, and I've moved to Boston, for those that haven't been following me on Twitter.

I just finished Scott Adams' Dilbert and The Way of the Weasel.  It's loaded will silly and entertaining observations about the weasels we encounter everywhere in our lives -- even our own weasel selves.  If you take Adams' writing too seriously, the book is bound to make you feel cynical about everyone you meet.  But then, if you take Dilbert seriously, I am worried.

The other fun thing was a discovery by my family while I was off working.  They went to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  My wife's favorite exhibit was always the walk-through heart.  It's been updated to include some music from They Might Be Giants, a song and video called The Bloodmobile.  It's available for download from the Franklin Institute website.  You might also want to check out the Dave Logan flash version (the song's producer).  Here is the video that's used at the Franklin Institute. 


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