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Event: The Push and Pull of Knowledge Management in R&D

InnovationWell are doing another event at Bryn Mawr (Philadelphia) on 13 October The Push and Pull of Knowledge Management in R&D:

Knowledge Management in the pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing a transition over the past 5-10 years. With recent changes occurring in the industry, shifts in the research focus at both large pharmaceuticals and small-mid size pharmaceuticals and biotechs are becoming more common. The way we view the information food chain has had to change. We are in a world where we need to have greater flexibility and easier access to data than ever before. We are typically working with external as well as internal collaborators on our project teams.

Representatives cover the market: GSK, Accelrys, Merck, Sphaera, Pharmasset, Pfizer, and the expected attendees.  Maybe I can get a flag to attend and represent my company.  I went last year on my own reconnaissance.

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