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Incubating twins

No, I do not have another pair of babies coming.  I have, however, seen two articles on business incubators this week.  It's not something I usually worry about, but the coincidence strange.  I almost thought they were reprints on reading the opening paragraphs, but quickly found that they were not.

Art Murray has an article in the Nov/Dec 2008 KM World, The Future of the Future: Incubating the next-generation enterprise.  And Director Magazine from October 2008 has an article from Joanna Higgins, Slicing the pie on the same topic.

They each take a slightly different view.  Murray is surprised that the incubators never accomplished their high-minded vision of enabling small business owners to collaborate on common business needs.  That said, there are nearly 5,000 incubators around the world (from National Business Incubation Association).  Higgins' article talks about some new incubators that are starting ("Incubator 2.0") with the hope of tapping exactly the knowledge that Murray finds is never tapped.  Interesting.

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