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The real world for enterprise 2.0

James Robertson and Matt Hodgson had a pair of articles recently that I see as related on the topic of doing something with Enterprise 2.0.  James gave us some tips on what teams should consider when Implementing enterprise 2.0 in the real world (abbreviated):

Now that the hype of enterprise 2.0 is starting to settle, it’s clear that there are many valuable approaches that can (and should) be put into practice.

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  2. Take a ’safe-fail’ approach.
  3. Have a clear purpose.
  4. Take it seriously.
  5. Make it work now.
  6. Match the culture.
  7. Build on the experiences of others.

And Matt gave us some important thoughts on If you build it will they come?, suggesting that there's much more to technology roll-outs than simply implementing the latest must-have technology.  It is all about understanding the needs of the community, including how the organization is aligned (or not) to take advantage of those tools.  His summary:

The question, then, should be “If you understand what users want, and then build it in such a way as it aligns with their needs and those of the organisation, will they come?” The answer, of course, is yes!

I think this pairs very nicely with James' thoughts, and I think they are both in Australia.  Maybe there is something in the water.

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