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Update: I hadn't intended on posting this, but it went out, so I'll leave it here too. The permanent location is twitter.html.

Twitter_logoI use Twitter as @jackvinson, and I have found it a great way to keep up with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  We let each other know what is happening, we ask each other questions and occasionally provide inspirational guidance.

I tweet about a wide range of things, though the focus is on knowledge management, theory of constraints, personal effectiveness, and what is happening with my family.  For a while I was writing about product management too.  These are all regular topics on this blog as well - excepting the family stuff.  Feel free to check for more details about me on my About page.

TweetDeck_128TwhirllogoIf you are curious, the technology I use for Twittering depends on where I am.  On my computer, I have been using TweetDeck and Twhirl with a preference for TweetDeck lately.  On my mobile phone, I haven't settled on a specific way to interact with Twitter, bouncing from web applications of mobile Twitter to dabr to slandr.  And now I am trying Tiny Twitter, a Java app for the phone.  I also use SMS for quick Tweets when these other things aren't working.

Please feel free to follow me.  If I don't follow you, it's probably because I don't know who you are and your Twitter profile doesn't provide me any clue.  Please, fix that.  At the very least, shoot me an @jackvinson message in Twitter to let me know what interests you. 

Many thanks to Doug Cornelius for suggesting this kind of page.

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