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Smart People Magazine, coming soon

My friend and long-time mentor in knowledge management, Jerry Ash, has been working on a new project for about the last year.  It is called Smart People Magazine and it launches in three weeks, 15 April 2009.  When it does, it will be at (nothing there yet).

What is it about?  My understanding is that it takes off from the ideas of knowledge management / personal knowledge management and extends that into what that means in the heavily-networked world of smart people getting together to get work done.  But then I could have it all wrong.  Here it is from the horse's mouth (from the Facebook group for the magazine):

*Powered by smart people!*

Smart People magazine is a 'new media' publication devoted to the interests of ordinary smart people and it is becoming more than a magazine.

Here, Smart People the Group is one of the components that makes Smart People the Magazine 'new media'. You see, our goals are based on the research Don Tapscott did before writing his new book Grown Up Digital (between the ages of 11 & 32). The 'Digitals', as I call them, are proactive. They've never known anything other than interactivity on the Internet. They are 'prosumers', not consumers--meaning they prefer to participate in developing the product, not being pulled into it.

That suits us just fine.

We want Smart People magazine to reflect who our followers are, what they think. While we think we know our intended audience and we have an idea what will be interesting to them, only our audience knows for sure! And so, we are looking to you in these discussions to shape the future of Smart People magazine.

That's not a new idea for us. In fact, the very appearance of the first issue is the result of the collaborative process we chose to involve some 60 volunteers in an open workspace.

This is an exciting time in human development. We are all so fortunate to be a part of it. And Smart People magazine -- *powered by smart people* -- will play an important roll. Let the fun begin!

It's not just Jerry doing the work to put the web magazine together, there is a whole network of people, and I have only been observing on the edges as other life happens around me.  Feel free to join any of the groups that have been setup to support the magazine and the network around it:


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