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Install Office and find an Easter Egg

Egg huntWell, not quite an easter egg of the hidden keystroke variety, but I did find something I wasn't expecting when I reinstalled Office 2007 on my computer (after re-installing the OS because of major problem - lots of fun). 

The source of the surprise?  Microsoft themselves. 

Outlook 2007 comes with an RSS reader that I hadn't bothered to explore before, and the default installation includes subscriptions to two Microsoft "tips" feeds.  One is Microsoft at Home, containing tips and suggestions for maintaining and using your computer (and Microsoft's software).  Mostly at the fairly basic level.  But it was interesting to see a few of my favorite "hidden gems" in one of the "Crabby Office Lady" columns (use F2 to edit just about anything in Windows).  It helps that the articles are written in a light style.

The other is Microsoft at Work and contains a similar set of tips and suggestions for the working set.  These range from "dealing with the economy / jobs" to more technical tips and tricks. 

I don't know if these feeds belong in my regular reading cycle (particularly since they don't do full text feeds), but it's nice that they exist for more beginning users.  Of course, I don't know how many beginning users know what feeds / RSS would be.

Photo: "Egg hunt" by Lilia Efimova.

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