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TOC in software... and R&D

I am still looking for more thinking on how to apply Theory of Constraints ideas and thinking in heavily uncertain areas like discovery research, where typical drop-out rates are well above 80%.  I've been curious about the applications in software development because it seems I could learn something there.  And I have a bunch of people in my extended network that work in this arena. 

David Anderson pointed to a nice summary of his own book, The Theory Of Constraints: Productivity Metrics In Software Development by Derick Bailey.  The main elements of Bailey's contribution just helped me see how the TOC terminology and concepts fit into a software development arena.  What is inventory or an appropriate metric for throughput?  It gives me some insights into the arena.  Maybe I should find Anderson's book?

I finally read through Clarke Ching's Rocks Into Gold, which he describes as a parable on how to thrive during the credit crunch.  It focuses on a software company with a derivation on how valuable it is to deliver early, rather than delivering everything.  Of course, in research, delivery is a likely candidate for sales (whether that is a drug or a new electronic component or a new material), so this doesn't quite equate.  But there are interesting ideas nonetheless.

I would appreciate any additional pointers too.

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