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The hunt for experts

OpenSpace: "Who is 'the KM expert'? / KM Consulting" - MapThere are a couple threads relating to experts and expertise running, and I have been wanting to mention them.  One is a query from David Weinberger in KMWorld, and another is a project by Patrick Lambe and Matt Moore.

David Weinberger is looking for Your help with the new expertise in his column for the July/August 2009 issue of KMWorld.  Specifically, he is trying to figure out if there is a trend for people, organizations, businesses to be seeking their experts in the network, instead of within their own walls.  His essential idea is in the final full paragraph of the column:

[A]ssume for the moment that ... the network is shaping our new idea of [experts]. Many of the properties of the network become properties of the new expertise: loosely connected "clouds" of people, where the value of the conversation far exceeds the value of mental contents of any of the participants.

Other than being careful of drawing the network - expert metaphor too far, there are some interesting ideas in there.  That said, I think organizations are going to continue hiring (or contracting with) experts to help understand how the latest developments impact their world.  Weinberger's question is more about where those experts will come from.  Will they come from the standard locations within the organization or various consultants?  Or will they come up in new ways via the network?  And I have to wonder: is there a difference?

Patrick Lambe and Matt Moore are interested in Stories about Experience and Expertise and they are offering a Survey on How Organisations Leverage Their Expertise to learn more.  They are planning to make sense of these stories and build some guidelines around strategies to encourage better use of experience and expertise from various view points.  If you have anything to add, feel free to check the survey or contribute a story to their project otherwise.

[Photo credit: Martin Roell from a discussion of "Who is the KM Expert"]

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