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Syndicating your blog: more than just publishing your feed

coffee shopRegular visitors to my blog might know that I use Goggle Adwords to generate a little extra cash.  And, of course, I publish my web feed for people who want to read my content in their feed reader.  However, it may not be quite as obvious that I also syndicate my content via Newstex's Blogs on Demand service which packages my content with many other blogs and offers a paid service to their customers.

I understand the basics of making my content available via my web feed, but there is always more to know.  Larry Schwartz and Susan Gunelius of Newstex has put together a quick ebook to describe what syndication means in the larger context and how bloggers can take advantage of this. 

A new FREE ebook from Newstex, The Truth about Blog Syndication, makes sense of all the myths, confusion, and hearsay about blog syndication.

The book is an introduction to the overall concept and justifies this type of syndication, where the distributor attempts to curate and add value to the content they are providing.  And in turn the content creators get some compensation and a potentially wider distribution than they might otherwise. 

And for clarity, I do get paid by Newstex for syndicating my material, but not enough to quit my day job.  It's enough to cover coffee at lovely little places like the one in the photo above.  Photo credit: "coffee shop" by newrambler.

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