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Self-limiting productivity beliefs

Sally McGhee has a piece on the things we tell ourselves about productivity at the Microsoft at Work blog.  5 beliefs that limit productivity - and how to overcome them.  The five items are (read the full article for her discussion):

  1. There's too much information coming at me too fast
  2. I have to keep everything
  3. Organization cramps my freedom and creativity
  4. There's not enough time in the day!
  5. It takes too much time to get productive

A number of these "beliefs" are very familiar to anyone who pays attention to this area.  And McGhee's counter-arguments to these beliefs should come as no surprise.

I love the comments about time (#1, #3, #5).  And I see #4 (and the others) in project management: "It takes too long to plan, let's just do it."

What did you say at 5:32 on June 10th?

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