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Information overload in plain english

CommonCraft have published another informative video, but this time the interesting part (to me) isn't the subject of the video.  Specifically, this one is SharePoint in Plain English

What I picked up on was the problem description in the first minute of the video.  On a project team people do a lot of stuff to move things forward: sending around emails, making phone calls, having meetings, and talking one-on-one.  The problem, as described in the video, is that there is too much information about the same thing.  And not all of that information is consistent.  As a result, trying to figure out what is happening on the project leads people to feel confused and overwhelmed.

This is information overload due to confusion.  As the video describes, SharePoint is one mechanism to help reduce the amount of confusion.  Of course, you can't forget that the implementation of any such solution has to overcome the usual fun of actually making it solve the problems without creating any new ones.
SharePoint in Plain English

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