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"Sharing Knowledge by Design - Building Intellectual Capital in a Virtual World" by Nancy Settle-Murphy and Stan Garfield. The authors provide a set of ten ideas on how to build knowledge-sharing into the fabric of teams and into the organization as a whole. The focus is on growing the capacity for knowledge sharing in the organization, rather than on any specific KM technologies.

Following my note about Joining Dots' article on "Why is KM so difficult," I tracked down an article of the same title by Julian Birkinshaw from the London Business School. He says, "The problem with knowledge management is that most companies struggle to make it work." And then he gives some suggestions on how to make it work.

The March/April 2002 issue of Ivey Business Journal had a piece by Nancy Dixon, "The Neglected Receiver of Knowledge Sharing." Dixon presents a helpful perspective to the concept of knowledge sharing, and one that I've heard in pieces previously. The discussion also makes it clearer why best practice databases have such a hard time of it in the KM community.