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Information #jail entry and exit

cage.pngI received a free copy of Get Out of #Jail Free Card eBook by Mark White. It's an interesting treatment of the "information overload" disease that many people seem to have. Rather than going into great detail about the causes and impact of these issues, he has designed the book as a three-week program to free the reader of their own "jail." This could be a nice resource for individuals, who want to get out of jail. I could also see this as a starting point for teams that are trying to find ways to operate together more effectively.

If you have been following my personal effectiveness topics over the years or been an aficionado of Life Hacker or Getting Things Done or the others out there, the elements of the book's program should sound familiar. It does seem to morph from the specific "Inbox Zero" suggestions to more intentional design of your work life and communication styles. The author seems to claim that his program eliminates the need for obsessively reading these other self-mastery books and websites, but he certainly has learned a lot from all of them. I take it a slightly different direction: take what you need and leave the rest. Develop a program that works for you, and then get out there and bash it against the shoals of reality. Then pick up the pieces, learn from your successes and failures, and go at it again.

Here are the entries for each day - the chapters and steps of his program:

  1. Inbox Zero
  2. Stop Working at 5 PM
  3. Post-It Notes and To-Do Lists
  4. No more GTD Tips & Tools
  5. What to Do on Fridays at 5 PM?
  6. Open a Separate Mail Account for Associates
  7. What Do You Want In Your Life?
  8. Information Poisoning
  9. Waking Up Early
  10. Delegate or Die
  11. No Phone Calls
  12. Make Your Own System of Rules for Your Team
  13. IM Meetings are Poisonous
  14. Do Not Turn on Your Computer on Sundays
  15. Facebook, Youtube and Favorite Sites
  16. Why Should You Not Check Your Email in the Morning?
  17. One Minute Work
  18. Truth and Control
  19. Your Lunch is Getting Cold
  20. Free Saturday

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