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MAKE awards nominations open

Teleos have opened their nominations for the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) of 2011. I believe nominations are open until the end of May. Go vote for your top 3 candidates, and rank them with respect to the eight categories that the awards use:

  1. Ability to create and sustain an enterprise knowledge-driven culture
  2. Ability to develop knowledge workers through senior management leadership.
  3. Ability to develop and deliver knowledge-based products / services / solutions (innovation capability)
  4. Ability to manage and maximize the value of enterprise intellectual capital.
  5. Ability to create and sustain an enterprise-wide collaborative knowledge-sharing environment.
  6. Ability to create and sustain a learning organization.
  7. Ability to manage customer/stakeholder knowledge to create value and enterprise intellectual capital.
  8. Ability to transform enterprise knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value (or societal value for non-profits and public sector).

By their nature, these awards tend to go to larger organizations. The smallest of organizations rely on personal and interpersonal knowledge management to get things done. And while the big companies have to rely on these things, they have the size and clout to set the tone throughout the organization for what they want to see happening at the local level in knowledge management.

What other elements would you look for in factors for "knowledge enterprises?" The new buzzwords of "social business" or Enterprise 2.0 aren't in these facets directly, but things like collaboration and learning organization certainly contain many of those elements. And I like that none of these facets are explicitly about technology, but rather about the ability to do smart things with intellectual capital. I also suspect these questions have a long history with the MAKE awards, given the awards' 15 year history.

If the survey doesn't appear under the link above, go to Teleos' website, click on the MAKE link in the navigation area and then MAKE Nominations.

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