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A logical way to talk through conflicts #TOCICO14

Jelena Fedurko presented an interesting way to help resolve organizational conflicts - conflicts between the desired actions of two parts of the organization, where each believes the other's actions will severely damage a common goal.  

A key aspect of this workshop was that articulating the conflict in a structured way helps to surface the reality and assumptions of each side in such a way that it may be possible to resolve the conflict(s) before going through the entire process that Fedurko discussed in the workshop.  At several points she paused to highlight aspects that help people understand one another.  Some of these include

  • surfacing assumptions in the organizational conflict diagram
  • surfacing the assumptions behind the assumed negative branches
  • surfacing assumption in implementing the "imposed actions" from the opposing camp
Along with the process, she described a lot of insights around working with conflict clouds.  It rekindles in me the desire to use these with more consistency.  (What's stopping me?)

Fedurko also has a brand new book, Mistakes and Difficulties in Working with TOC Logical Tools, that she handed out to attendees of the workshop. I wonder how many new books or book recommendations I will have coming out of this conference?

Four Concepts of Flow

Learn, learn, learn #TOCICO14