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TOC Articles in India

A couple recent articles in the India press related to Theory of Constraints.  (Disclaimer: I have been working with Goldratt Consulting, which features in these articles.)

Capitalising on the after-market by Chandrashekhar Chaudhari in The Financial Express talks about the TOC approach to replenishment and distribution.  I like the emphasis that the replenishment policies should be defined by their consumption rate.  Recent TOC approaches have divided products into the fast-moving "head," the middle "belly," and the slow-moving "tail." 

Companies resort to Theory of Constraints to stay ahead in the game in The Economic Times talks about several companies that have used Theory of Constraints: Doctor Reddy's Laboratories, Bajaj Electricals, Tata Steel, Godrej & Boyce, Kurlon, and Liberty Shoes.  It's a nice sampling of the different applications of TOC in a wide variety of businesses.  My only question is why they use the phrase "resort to" in the title - at least in my interpretation this suggests that TOC is a method "of last resort," rather than something you go to first.

And this interview with Rami Goldratt in The Economic Times reminds everyone that TOC is primarily about focus: both what not to do and what to do.  The article seems to be disjointed pieces of a conversation, but it gives a quick introduction to many of the ideas that appear in Theory of Constraints: focus, constraints, projects, innovation.  

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