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Useful TOC reference sheet

Henry Camp has created a nice two-page summary of Theory of Constraints and made it available for all to use.  I've posted a copy here (with permission): TOC Reference Sheet.  His idea behind creating it was something that people could print and laminate for quick reference.

This covers TOC topics that Henry cares about, which is most of them. He covers the 5 Focusing Steps, the Pillars (he counts 5 instead of 4), Constraints, Layers of Resistance / Buy-In, and easily half of the content is related to the Thinking Processes. Interestingly, he doesn't explicitly include the supply chain or manufacturing applications, which is a bit surprising given his background and success with supply chain implementations. 

Henry has been involved in Theory of Constraints for at least 10 years. I met him through his colleagues from IDEA LLC and then at a couple TOC ICO conferences.

12 Principles of Knowledge Leadership from Arthur Shelley

Nice article about TOC - and the Amazon connection