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Internet-era ways of working (via Public Digital)

I thought the “internet era” started a while ago, but the ways of working are still catching up. This is a great list of the Internet-era ways of working from Tom Loosemore and public digital on what they mean by work in the era of the internet. I love coda to this list - “break any of these rules sooner than do anything barbaric.” There are also a number of items in here that make me step back and pause to check about my own assumptions.

  1. Design for user needs, not organisational convenience

  2. Test your riskiest assumptions with actual users

  3. The unit of delivery is the empowered, multidisciplinary team

  4. Do the hard work to make things simple

  5. Staying secure means building for resilience

  6. Recognise the duty of care you have to users, and to the data you hold about them

  7. Start small and optimise for iteration. Iterate, increment and repeat

  8. Make things open; it makes things better

  9. Fund product teams, not projects

  10. Display a bias towards small pieces of technology, loosely joined

  11. Treat data as infrastructure

  12. Digital is not just the online channel

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