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Built to Learn - 23 Oct 2003, Chicago

Built to Learn - 2nd Chicagoland Enterprise Learning Leaders Exchange Conference

An engaging grass-roots exchange for corporate learning executives interested in sharing best practices and exchanging proven success stories that positively impacts business results.

Speakers include: Cliff Purington (Rockwell Collins); Bob Dean (Grant Thornton); Dr. Leandro Herrero (The Chalfont Project, UK); Linda Kovreq, Judy Albers, & Don Humphreys (Bank One); Jeanie Egmon (Northwestern University); Jon Powell (Hewitt Associates); JF Goldstyn (Harvard Business School Publishing); Susan Guest (Baxter); Kim Hagan (AON); Mike Hendon (McDonald's); David Scurlock (Culligan); Steve Roden (Former Andersen Partner); Paul Somerville (MeridianKSI); Dirk Tussing (Maximizing Performance); many other regional companies.

Registration is $30 until the 18th, and $295 after.

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