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KMPro 11 May: Kaspar de Boer

Kasper de Boer, Accenture Global Learning & Knowledge Management Practice, will be talking at the upcoming KMPro Chicago meeting on 11 May 2004.

Information to be posted shortly:

Portal & Information Architecture Lessons: Does your portal software implementation live up to the promises the vendor made when you saw the demo and carefully selected it? How about your content management software? Based on experience with large portal and content management implementations, this presentation will take you through a number of practical recommendations to help prevent your investment from becoming just another expensive layer of complexity in your companies' Intranet that IT said you needed.

Kasper de Boer is a senior manager in Accenture's Global Learning & Knowledge Management Practice. Based in Chicago, he has extensive experience working with Accenture's clients in multiple industries to shape and implement Knowledge Management, Content Management and Portal solutions. In addition, internally within Accenture, he was responsible for Accenture's own knowledge management strategy.

As a result, Kasper has extensive consulting and operational experience in all aspects of Knowledge Management including Knowledge and Content Management Technologies, Portals, Processes, Roles and Responsibilities, Organization and Governance, Communities of Practice, etc.

Attendees are welcome to attend either downtown Chicago or Northbrook location below. Mr. de Boer will be presenting remotely via a Webex session, in which you may particpate as well. Check the KMPro Chicago site for more details.

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