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KMPro: Tom Hoglund of EDS

How KM is driving business improvements at EDS
Tom Hoglund, CKO, EDS
This presentation will describe how KM can be a key driver of a continuous improvement approach for business processes. A comprehensive, process-oriented knowledge portal can help you obtain repeatable results, shorten learning curves, reduce duplication of effort and improve productivity. Learn how EDS is using the discipline of KM and the tools of workflow, portals, content management and collaboration to help it transform and improve its business.

Tom Hoglund has been EDS' Chief Knowledge Officer since 2002. Tom is responsible for EDS' knowledge management strategy supporting the overall business strategy. Tom has implemented many KM programs and technologies targeted at specific business process improvement initiatives. Results achieved for EDS to date include a thirteen-fold growth in knowledge capital, ten-fold growth in knowledge re-use, and millions of dollars in efficiency gains. Prior to his appointment at EDS, Tom was at Arthur Andersen, where he led their internal KM program, led their external KM consulting practice and was their Deputy CIO. Tom has accumulated more than 25 years of IT industry and management consulting experience.

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