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Another interview

Joy London at excited utterances points to an Interview: Former CKO at Kirkland & Ellis from a knowledge management class at George Mason University. 

Michael D. Kull, President of AMPLIFI and adjunct professor at George [Mason] University's graduate KM program, links to his class syllabus and student interviews with KM practitioners and thought leaders.

It turns out the professor has posted all the interviews, including mine.  Here is the list of 35 people who were interviewed, if you are curious.  Note, these are all conducted by students for their class at GMU.

  • Mike Braun - headed the Knowledge Management team at Datatrak Information Services (DIS) for five years, discussing a call center KM application
  • Cheri Caddy - Knowledge Management Staff Director for the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), discussing KM and learning at the FAS and in government agencies.
  • Michael Daconta - well-known author, lecturer and columnist in the technology and standards space (XML, Semantic Web), currently the Metadata Program Manager for the Department of Homeland Security, discussing his perspective on KM.
  • Debbie Davis - Senior Communication Staff and on several KM teams at the MITRE Corporation, discussing KM from the knowledge sharing perspective.
  • David DeLong - research fellow at the MIT AgeLab and author of the book Lost Knowledge: Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce.  This is something I will want to research further: is there a quantifiable "threat" of the aging workforce.
  • Gilles Deprost - Head of Knowledge Management & Tools within Equant, discussing KM in general and his work on developing KM within Equant.
  • Troy Edwards - manager of Accenture's internal Knowledge exchange portal, discussing the history of KM within Accenture.  I've known a number of people who have had roles like this within Anderson and Accenture.  It's curious that there are so many.
  • Amy Ernst - Knowledge and Research Manger within Ernst & Young, discussing E&Y's internal KM from the perspective of a user, which is a nice juxtaposition with the Troy Edwards discussion.
  • Richard Etter - Director of Information Technology in the Navy, discussing his history with KM.  The results are not entirely positive, and the interview notes there are many KM initiatives at the Navy.
  • Jackie Fung - senior system engineer lead at KeyTech Services, discussing KM from a primarily technology perspective.
  • Victor Galvis - Group Manager at Sprint's Corporate Research Center, discussing Sprint's internal "My Research Portal."
  • Milena Genova - with a family practice physician's group, FFPCS, discussing how communities of practice are important in this setting.
  • Niki Glassmire - consultant for IBM Business Consulting Services, working on a KM business process redesign for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). 
  • Kenneth Gordon - manager of Business Development for Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems, discussing KM at Raytheon.
  • Mike Gorman - founder of Oak Ridge Builders, discussing how collaboration and data sharing are important to his business.
  • Denham Grey - CEO of GreyMatter, Inc, sharing a number of stories from his years as a consultant.
  • Giora Hadar - Knowledge Architect at the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), recounting his work in this role.
  • Dan Holohan - Director of Delivery Services for America Online, discussing the help desk KM tools AOL uses.
  • Walker Hunter - managing an internal KM project for Telemet America.
  • Diane Justice - Director of Knowledge Management Operations for Northrop Grumman, describing their overall strategy for KM.
  • Dave Ladek - Systems Architect at C2HM Hill, discussing the technical infrastructure that supports KM at C2HM Hill.
  • Laura Marchiori - Director of Talent Development Center at Fannie Mae, discussing their Technical Knowledge Management team and the importance of KM at Fannie Mae.
  • Alan Marwick - a Director at IBM Research, discussing his perspective on the technologies and the idea of KM.
  • Sal Messina - formerly Chief Knowledge Officer at Kirkland and Ellis, now with his own IT Consulting firm, discussing the role of KM in law firms.
  • Rajesh Misra - Senior Manager at BearingPoint, discussing the internal KM system and processes from the perspective of a consultant who uses the content to get more business.
  • Laura Moore - a Director of Knowledge Management within the General Services Administration, discussing KM within a division of the GSA.
  • Ellen Piepgras - Director of Global Systems at Land O' Lakes, looking at the technical aspects of knowledge sharing in a global firm.
  • Scott Rames - Sales Force Automation manager at Dimension Data North America, discussing KM with respect to SFA at DDNA.
  • Shourya Ray - Vice President of Service Delivery and Operations at Spinsys, looking at the challenges small consulting firms face when building KM capabilities.
  • Richard Rogers - content management at CACI International, discussing KM in the context of proposal management.
  • Dana Roper - manager of the Integrated Process Group at Lockheed Martin, discussing KM from the process management perspective.
  • Dan Sansbury - Assistant Division Chief within the US Census Bureau, covering knowledge retention and transfer within Sansbury's division.
  • Bill Schrader - founder of PSInet, looking at the history of PSInet and at communities of practece.
  • Jack Vinson, that's me!
  • Jason Watson - Chief Information Officer at M-CAM, Inc, discussing KM as it relates to their intellectual property management business.

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