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Lies laid bare, fast

Someone is claiming to be the only WYSIWYG blog editor and buying AdWords to prove it.  Dmitry Chestnykh, the creator of BlogJet, found something entertaining.  Competitor is a liar? The power of telling the truth.

There’s a competitor to BlogJet. I won’t call its name but it has something to do with rockets and posts. One more hint: it costs $150.

I’ve noticed it when I typed "blogjet" in Google and found its AdWords ad that claimed: "Faster than BlogJet". ...

The guy just doesn’t get the nature of the Web and the power of blogs. If you don’t tell the truth, somebody will notice it and blog about it. Then somebody else will see the post and blog about it. Then everyone will be blogging that you’re a liar. Do you want this to happen? No? Tell the truth.

I use BlogJet for authoring, and the company has also created a targeted ad Qumana too.  Google for BlogJet or Qumana to see the offending ad.  The same thing happens at Lycos, AskJeeves, About, but not at MSN or Yahoo.

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