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Hear me at Innovation Challenge

Anil Rathi of Innovation Challenge has interviewed me for their audio blog (and my first).  He's interviewed several judges from this year's challenge to get their perspectives on the process and the concept plans.  The Challenge wrapped-up this weekend with the top finalists announced Sunday. 

My interview was posted Friday: What are the innovations?

Guest: Dr. Jack Vinson Ph.D., Dr. Jack Vinson Ph.D., principal of Knowledge Jolt, a knowledge management consultancy.

Dr. Vinson has been a judge of the Innovation Challenge for two years in a row. He shares his insights on the ideas created in this year's competition. We discuss the common global trends and ideas internet savvy participants discussed in their submissions...the cross-pollination of the networked world with traditional service offerings.

I focused on the idea of networking and the ideas that a number of concept plans had for developing networks and community around the services being offered by the sponsoring companies.  The interview was about ten minutes long.  The audio is fairly clear, though I start out with several "ummm's" as I got rolling.

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