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Jay Cross and George Siemens discussion

Jay Cross and George Siemens discussion at Ed Tech Talk:

Jay Cross and I spent time in a discussion (links to the audio file) on Ed Tech Talk today. The topics included connectivism, informal learning, objectivity vs. subjectivity, corporate and higher education...among others.

If you are just getting into podcasting this would be great fun to listen to on your commute.  Or, you can do as I do, and do some light work while the audio plays at your desk.  It's an hour-long conversation.

The topics are listed above, but the discussion seemed to range all over the map - even back in time with George channeling Plato.  They also touched on knowledge management, networking, education, technologies, blogging, learning (how it works), and how to make all these things better.  At some points in the discussion, I could hear echos of the Spillane lecture I just wrote about.  I particularly like the idea that George promotes around learning as a process of interacting with people in a network.  Asked how he might design a course, among other things, he would ensure that the participants built enough of a rapport during the formal course that they could rely on one another as trusted resources for ongoing learning amongst themselves.

I really hope someone figures out how to transcribe talks like this.  Or maybe Jay and George (or here) will post their thoughts about the discussion.  Harold Jarche also participated, and I see that he's written some notes.

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