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Too Transparent?

Dennis Reyes at ITtoolbox's blog on Supply Chain Management writes That Won't Work Here...It's too Transparent!:

Truth can be scarier than fiction.... The most shocking reality comes not in experiencing corruption in government, but experiencing the mental model and disposition toward corruption alive, supported, and leveraged by private companies to push their own interests and agendas to the detriment of relationships and the future of the economy in general.

The blog focuses on emerging economies, but I wonder if this problem isn't near the heart of problems associated with knowledge management and business process management efforts?  I'm not necessarily suggesting corruption per se, but people have long commented that these efforts take out the "human factor" from business and work.  The result is strong resistance from those affected.

Dennis Reyes talks about the importance of building change management into implementations, and I have to agree.  We need to understand how people are doing things now, and this has to go beyond the level of seeing the responsibility hand-offs to understanding how people are motivated.  Creating the correct environment is critical to creating the change you want to see.  It is not surprising to find that changes fall apart because people are motivated to do something other than what you want.  It's not wrong, just in conflict with the change you're trying to create.

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