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21 tips to improve your blogging

Tris Hussey found a nice list of (too many) tips to improve your blogging from Make You Go Hmm:

  1. Provide more, not less, original content in the blog entries.
  2. Find things you are insatiably curious about and write with full-on passion.
  3. Rather than make 10 so-so posts every day, make 3-5 really good ones.
  4. Can’t find the solution to a problem in the search engines easily? How-to/fixes/solutions make great topics.
  5. Give away something once in awhile.
  6. Start blogging about subjects that aren’t already being blogged to death, or write about them with a fresh perspective.
  7. Pay a professional if you suck at graphics and design.
  8. Don’t use too much Flash.
  9. Don’t slap a bunch of flashy banners and buttons (no matter how small) all over the place.
  10. Use a smaller, less gaudy logo.
  11. Make sure at least some content (not logo, not header, not advertising, etc) shows on every webpage without browser scroll
  12. Provide consistent navigation.
  13. Do include a byline and author bio so it’s clear to readers who wrote the content
  14. Always disclose conflicts of interest
  15. Clearly mark or define advertising placement
  16. Don’t cripple the RSS feed.
  17. Liberally blend with descriptive text: pictures, screenshots, audio (podcast), video and any other items that will help keep the readers interested, informed, enlightened and/or entertained.
  18. Keep an open dialogue with commenters and two-way trackbackers.
  19. Don’t let flamers destroy the community.
  20. Are you having fun?
  21. The last tip is probably my most favorite: don’t be afraid to write something and not publish it.

These cover a lot of ground, and they don't make sense for all bloggers, but they give a positive way to think about blogging.  I like the focus on passion in a few of these.

This post violates #1.  Generally, I do try to abide by that rule in general.

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