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Sharing Knowledge by Design

Sharing Knowledge by Design - Building Intellectual Capital in a Virtual World by Nancy Settle-Murphy and Stan Garfield

In this Communiqué, jointly authored by Chrysalis principal Nancy Settle-Murphy and Stan Garfield, Hewlett-Packard's worldwide Knowledge Management Leader for Consulting & Integration Services, we map out ideas about how team leaders can create a knowledge-sharing system in their own virtual backyard. Who knows? One relatively modest knowledge-sharing system may be the springboard by which an enterprise-wide system is born.

The authors provide a set of ten ideas on how to build knowledge-sharing into the fabric of teams and into the organization as a whole.  The focus is on growing the capacity for knowledge sharing in the organization, rather than on any specific KM technologies.

The piece also includes a link to Stan Garfield's Setting up a Knowledge Management Program: Guidelines, Resources and Tools, which is a list of priorities, strategy and goals for KM programs.  He also includes a list of resource, including a pointer back to this blog.  (Thanks!)

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