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Thoughts from the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference

I attended the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference (CLLC) today.  No wireless connectivity, so you get all the notes late at night.

Here is a smattering of quotes and thoughts.

  • The scrap rate for training is very high - upwards of 80 to 90 percent.
  • Another phrase for "not invented here" is "third party inspirations."
  • Critical mistake analysis as a twist on lessons learned.
  • Motorola are exploring ways to deliver training modules to mobile devices and have demonstrated it on their Q.
  • An interesting lead-in to litigation: "If you learned the lesson, why are you still doing it the old way in other divisions."
  • "Virtual human capital" is an interesting term for people we bring in on temporary basis, either as consultant or capacity enhancement.
  • "Organic adoption" is a measure of how much people use a tool without it being required.
  • "If you put a good person in a bad process, the process always wins." - a recollected quote from Chuck Knight.
  • "You are never a profit in your own land."  The classic quote about trying to preach a new message from within the company.
  • Here's an interesting hierarchy: You move from misalignment to alignment to integration.

CLLC: Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

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