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Measurement, Performance and Management

There has been a long discussion of reinforcing new behaviors on the Critical Chain mailing list.  One aspect of that discussion has been a thread around the responsibility of management for making behavior changes stick.  What carrot and stick methods do people use?  How do you make the connection between the desired global performance and the various measurements that are available?

Malcolm Ryder just posted an interesting piece on the difference between measurement, performance and management that I think is relevant to this recurring discussion.  Here is the core set of definitions in his How Much Is Enough?  Check out the whole thing for the details of his thinking.

How can we define measurement, management and performance simply enough to see their absolute difference from each other but just as easily see how they might relate?

A simple version of that is as follows:
- measurement is a form of description that intends to identify a relative state.
- performance is a describable effect , of an effort that intends to create progress towards a target state.
- management is a form of influence that intends to establish a relative orderliness.


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