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Knowledge management a key weapon in today's war

Did you know that the SpaceComm 2007 conference had the topic of "Information Dominance through Knowledge Management?"  The conference was just this week, and one of the keynotes talked about the importance of KM as a "weapon," as reported in Military & Aerospace Electronics news, Vice Adml. Brown calls knowledge management key weapon in today's war:

The war the U.S. is fighting today "will not be won with kinetic weapons but non-kinetic weapons," U.S. Navy Vice Adml. Nancy Brown, director of command, control, communications, and computers told the audience at the SpaceComm 2007 symposium today during her keynote address last evening. Brown was referring to the theme of the conference: "Information Dominance through Knowledge Management."

No, I didn't attend.  The article only gives the briefest of information, but my interpretation is that the military is extending traditional information management with additional context and means of communicating the critical knowledge, enabling them to achieve their goals.  It almost sounds like they throw in a dash of Web2.0.

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